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Permanent Eyebrows As Natural As Can Be


Laura, thank you so much for doing such a super job on my eyebrows. I love what you did and wanted to thank you. This is the best ever. — L.O. San Diego




FeatherStroke™ Brows available exclusively at MPi Permanent Makeup Clinic.


Eyebrows frame the face and provide expression. If done correctly, permanent eyebrows offer a soft, natural look and eliminate the need to “draw” eyebrows on a daily basis. Our signature FeatherStroke™ Permanent Eyebrows are done with very thin strokes that mimic the look of actual hair. So, even though the process is still a tattoo they will fade faster than a solid, filled in eyebrow tattoo. On average clients come back for a touch-up after about 2 years.


Who has the time or patience to draw on eyebrows every day?


FeatherStroke™ Brows give the softest, most natural appearance possible and actually look like real hairs unlike most permanent eyebrows, which look like a solid, dark eyebrow tattoo. Laura Rappoport, RN creates beautiful brows where there are none, or hair is light or sparse. First, a pattern is drawn giving careful consideration to the client’s personal preference and facial shape and structure.

Here you can watch a video of the FeatherStroke Permanent Eyebrow procedure.


Effortless, painless, soft, natural eyebrows.   



FeatherStroke 3-D Permanent Eyebrows – Video


The client participates in the pattern drawing process and no permanent marks are made until the pattern is agreed upon. Once the pattern is completed, Laura begins the FeatherStroke Brows™ process, filling the area with thin strokes simulating hair. This gives quite a realistic appearance and prevents the harsh, one dimensional look of a brow that has been filled in with a solid color. Approximately 4 weeks after the initial procedure, the client returns to the clinic and the brows are examined for any gaps or areas that need to be filled. At this time a different shade of color may be used to create additional depth and dimension.


Save time and simplify with permanent eyebrows from MPi Permanent Makeup Clinic.


MPi Permanent Makeup Clinic performs more permanent eyebrow procedures than any other permanent makeup clinic in DFW. You won’t find more natural, realistic looking permanent eyebrows anywhere. There are other names for this type of eyebrow procedure such as 3-D eyebrows, hair-stroke eyebrows.  “Eyebrow embroidery” and “micro-blading” are similar procedures but the technique usually doesn’t implant pigment into the dermal layer of skin.  Without going to the dermal layer, the pigmented skin cells will, fairly quickly, come to the surface of the skin and will be exfoliated.  The results of these procedures tend to fade quickly.  See what our happy clients say.


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