Dallas Fort Worth MPi Permanent Lip Liner-Lipstick

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I am very pleased with your professional service and the outcome of my permanent makeup on my lips. See you again. — S.S. Vista



Painless Permanent Lip Liner or Full Lip Color
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Because the aging process causes the color and definition of lips to diminish, lips end up looking thin and pale. This also gives the entire face a colorless, lifeless appearance. So, bring back that youthful, vibrant look by having permanent liner lipstick applied. Laura Rappoport, Registered Nurse, is qualified to use anesthetics that completely numb the lips, making this procedure virtually painless. In fact, the majority of women fall asleep during this procedure! However, lips do tend to swell and can stay that way for several days, so you should take that into consideration when planning to have this procedure done.

Here you can also watch a video of the permanent lip color procedure.

Fuller-Looking Lips with Color That Never Wipes Off
So You are Ready to Go, Anywhere, Anytime

In addition, the available colors range from soft and natural to bold and sexy. Permanent lip liner can also be applied just outside the natural lip line to produce a fuller, plumper appearance.

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Dallas Fort Worth MPi Permanent Lip Liner-Lipstick

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Dallas Fort Worth MPi Permanent Lip Liner-Lipstick
Because You Deserve to Look Your Very Best

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