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Just a note to tell you how happy I am with my permanent eyeliner. It is the best thing I have done for myself and so convenient. — R.R., San Diego

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    Before and after permanent eyeliner.

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Permanent eyeliner, eyeliner tattoo is safe, easy, and painless.

Many women are apprehensive about having permanent eye makeup applied because they are afraid it might be painful. At MPi Permanent Makeup Clinic, only the most effective methods of anesthesia are used and the majority of women say that the eyeliner procedure feels like a strange, vibration-type of feeling, possibly with some ‘stinginess’ in the corners but nothing unbearable. However, the eyes get a little puffy and red and can stay that way for a couple of days, so you should take that into consideration when planning to have a procedure done.

Here you can also watch a video of the permanent eyeliner procedure.

Beautiful eyes all day, every day.

Eye makeup can help shape and define the eyes, either subtly or dramatically. The Lash Enhancement is the perfect choice for a soft, natural look. For this procedure, the pigment is placed in the lash line, between the lashes, to fill in and make the lashes appear thicker and darker. Permanent Eyeliner is the best choice for a more noticeable appearance and is applied above the lashes as thin or thick as desired. Furthermore, the Lash Enhancement is automatically done in combination with the eyeliner procedure and the result is a spectacular look.

Dallas Fort Worth MPi Permanent Eyeliner-Tattoo

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Dallas Fort Worth MPi Permanent Eyeliner-Tattoo