Microblading, Microblade Eyebrows

Microblading or Microblade Eyebrows vs. FeatherStroke™ Eyebrows

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The hot new trend is Microblade Eyebrows. This technique involves using very fine needles to implant pigment under the skin, just like our Signature FeatherStroke™ Permanent Eyebrows. And just like FeatherStroke™ Brows, they are completed with fine, hair strokes that look softer and more natural than a traditional, solid eyebrow tattoo. Some practitioners claim that because microblading typically is not done using a machine, it is somehow different than permanent makeup. The truth is that any method of putting pigment under the skin is a tattoo, whether or not a machine is used.

Experience has shown that procedures done manually or with “digital pens” tend to fade faster than those done with coil or rotary machines. There is another type of permanent makeup that is done manually, called SofTap.


Regardless of the method used, the process is still a type of tattoo permanent makeup.


Microblade Eyebrows vs. FeatherStroke™ Eyebrows 


MPi has been performing the FeatherStroke™ Brow procedure for over 15 years, giving the same soft, hair-like appearance that Microblade gives. A grouping of very fine needles in a flat configuration gives the hair stroke look for eyebrows. Microblading is a trendy, catchy new name for the same procedure that MPi has been doing since 2001.

During the FeatherStroke™ Permanent Eyebrow procedure, we spend our time choosing a color and drawing a pattern specific for each client based on her face shape and brow measurements so we get it exactly right. Once we complete the pattern, we do the hair-strokes procedure.  Then, the brows are complete. The entire process takes about an hour.

Procedures performed manually tend to take longer and fade faster, so you should keep that in mind before having any eyebrow procedure done. On average, clients come back to MPi to have their eyebrows touched-up after about 2 years. Microblade brows typically last several months, up to a year.


Women Prefer FeatherStroke™ Eyebrows Over Microblade Eyebrows 



The choice is clear. MPi has been the leading provider of natural looking, FeatherStroke™ Eyebrows for many years with thousands of happy clients. Microblading is only a trendy new name for enhancing eyebrows with a hand held utensil and blade-like needles. Experience is invaluable and MPi has been providing hair-like brows for over 16 years.

According to the Society for Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, microblading practitioners should have at least 100 hours of training prior to offering the procedure to clients.
However, a quick internet search shows that the top “microblading training” classes in the DFW area are 1 to 5 day training seminars. NONE of which provide the required minimum hours, yet ALL tout the ability for new practitioners to begin working right away and charge top dollar for the procedures.


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Microblade Eyebrows vs. FeatherStroke™ Eyebrows

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Microblade Eyebrows vs. FeatherStroke™ Eyebrows