Eyelash Extensions


Dallas Fort Worth MPi Eyelash Extensions Membership Club

Finally, no more mascara, no more fuss, and no smudges ever!

Who doesn’t want longer, lusher lashes?
If you are tired of thin, lifeless lashes, then join our lash membership club today!!! Call us at 817-600-7274.
With your paid Membership, you will receive two eyelash extension fill visits per month (a $100 value), AND your initial set of lashes will also be FREE (a $200 value).

In addition, you choose how you would like to join.
Membership is just $79 per month* (a savings of $252 per year),
or you can SAVE EVEN MORE
by purchasing an annual Membership for only $69 per month**
(a savings of $372 per year).

*Monthly rate includes two visits per month ($21 savings off of regular price).

**Membership enrollment also required for 1 year to receive $69 monthly rate.

***Cannot be used in connection with another offer.

Eyelash Extensions for Beautiful Eyes 

Gorgeous eyes in about an hour and a half. Fuller, darker, thicker, longer eyelashes can be yours with a simple application of lash extensions. So, call us today and make an appointment.

  • Before eyelash extensions.
    Before eyelash extensions.

Also, Make Your Eyes POP with Eyelash Extensions!

Simplify your morning makeup routine and also look fabulous all day, every day. Eyelash extensions are VERY popular because they really do bring out the beauty of your eyes. The initial procedure takes about 1 1/2 hours and involves placing a synthetic lash on your own natural lash, one at a time. Then, as your natural eyelashes shed, the extensions will also shed. On average, clients then return every 2 – 3 weeks to have the lashes filled in to maintain a full lash line.    

Gorgeous Flirty, Fluttery, Full Lashes Because You Want to Look Your Very Best!

In addition, eyelash extensions can be applied in a variety of styles from a natural, fuller, darker mascara look to a dramatic, voluminous, attention-getting style. The synthetic lashes also come in a variety of lengths. So, the options are plentiful and the choice is yours!

Dallas Fort Worth MPi Eyelash Extensions Membership Club

Dallas Fort Worth MPi Eyelash Extensions Membership Club

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