About Laura

cropped-premanentmakeupclinic.jpgAbout Dallas Fort Worth MPi Permanent Makeup Clinic Laura Rappoport, RN

I have owned MPi Permanent Makeup Clinic for almost 14 years. After receiving my nursing degree in Fort Worth, TX, in 1992, I received a degree in business administration in San Diego, CA, in 2002. Then, I worked in many areas of nursing and went into plastic and cosmetic surgery in 2001. I was fortunate to work for a wonderful group of plastic surgeons in La Jolla, CA, where I consulted with new patients, cared for patients after surgery in the recovery room, and assisted the physicians and patients with surgical aftercare and follow-up visits.

During that time, I realized there was an essential need for subtle, natural-looking permanent makeup. After seeing many patients with unnatural-looking permanent makeup, I researched practitioners and discovered that the artist at MPi did wonderful work. So, I literally showed up on her doorstep one day, and the rest, as they say, is history. It happened to be at a time that the previous owner and founder was thinking of retiring. So, I trained with her for about a year and bought the clinic, and then she worked for me until she retired.

Now, I am the only artist at the clinic, and I perform all of the procedures. Being a registered nurse allows me to provide more effective methods of pain control, such as topical, local and transdermal methods, than other practitioners can.

In addition to being a registered nurse, I have been a Certified OSHA Administrator.  I maintain my nursing licenses in Texas and California. I also participate in classes and keep abreast of the latest techniques for safety, sanitary, and sterile practices.

Moving Back to the Metroplex

I operated MPi Clinic in San Diego until 2010 and enjoyed a stellar reputation in the community with thousands of happy, loyal clients. They paid me the ultimate compliment by referring their friends and family for any permanent makeup needs. MPi became the leading provider of permanent makeup services in the area. Now, I have two beautiful sons, ages 9 and 10. I am so pleased to be back home in Dallas/Fort Worth to raise them around my family. I look forward to the opportunity to provide my clients here with the best permanent makeup in the Metroplex.

Dallas Fort Worth MPi Permanent Makeup Clinic Laura Rappoport, RN

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Dallas Fort Worth MPi Permanent Makeup Clinic Laura Rappoport, RN