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Dallas Fort Worth Choosing MPi Permanent Makeup Clinic

MPi Permanent Makeup Clinic is the premier provider of
permanent makeup in Dallas-Fort Worth

Permanent Makeup, Permanent Cosmetics, Micropigmentation

For over 11 years, MPi Permanent Makeup Clinic has been perfecting the art of permanent makeup and setting the standard for soft, natural-looking permanent cosmetics. I strive to provide the highest-quality, most natural-looking, permanent makeup with minimal discomfort. My office is a medical setting, adhering to strict OSHA guidelines. In fact, it would be difficult to find another permanent makeup facility in which the artist is both a Certified OSHA Administrator, as well as a Registered Nurse. Your safety is my primary concern. By following and exceeding these rigorous guidelines, I am confident that MPi offers the best possible micropigmentation experience.

The name MPi actually shows the clinic’s age. Twenty years ago, it was not very common for women to get tattoos so early practitioners had to come up with a name that better suited their clientele, which was micropigment implantation or micropigmentation. MPi is sort of an abbreviation of this term.

However, the best is rarely the least expensive.

My goal is to provide a valuable service at a fair price. Due to the lack of oversight and regulation, permanent makeup providers have popped up all over the place. Practically every nail salon and day spa offers these services. Unfortunately for the consumer, quality is generally poor and safety is questionable. You should carefully consider who will be putting a tattoo on your face. After all, it is your face, and it will be visible to the world! Finally, about 20% of MPi Clinic’s business is corrective work, fixing botched jobs done at other salons and spas. Clients needing corrective work often tell of their experiences, and most often they relate that it was inexpensive and very painful.

However, procedures done at MPi are not inexpensive. Signature procedures such as the trademarked FeatherStroke™ Brows, unwavering commitment to quality, and fastidious attention to safety and sterilization come at a price. But I do my best to keep prices fair, and I have not had a price increase in over 7 years.

My clients are like family, and I treasure the opportunity to be your permanent makeup provider.

In conclusion, when you decide to have a permanent makeup procedure done, don’t settle for anything but the very best – choose MPi Permanent Makeup Clinic!

Dallas Fort Worth Choosing MPi Permanent Makeup Clinic

Dallas Fort Worth Choosing MPi Permanent Makeup Clinic

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