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Looking for a permanent makeup artist in Dallas РFort Worth?  Look no further!

You have decided to enhance your beauty with permanent makeup. Now you need to select your permanent makeup artist. You can have permanent makeup applied at beauty salons, nail salons, spas, or other places. Coupons and advertisements for discount procedures claim they have experienced professionals on staff. Also, you may even have a friend who says she knows how to apply permanent makeup.

Who should you select? What should you be concerned about?

Sanitary Conditions and Safety

First of all, we make your comfort and safety our biggest concern. We adhere to strict OSHA regulations to provide a safe, sanitary environment. No spa or a salon can duplicate this environment. MPi Permanent Makeup Clinic NEVER reuses needles for procedures. Also, we use the same autoclaves used in surgical suites for sterilizing equipment. For clients who have had no other permanent makeup or tattoos, we perform a patch test to determine any sensitivity to pigment.

Client Comfort and Anesthetics

Next, we provide a professional, relaxing environment in individual medical suites for your comfort and privacy. Also, Laura Rappoport, Registered Nurse, performs all of the procedures. Because of her expertise, she provides anesthetics that cannot be offered by spas, salons, or any other unlicensed makeup artist. These anesthetics provide optimum pain relief during the procedure.

*A word of caution, if you choose a permanent makeup artist who is not a registered nurse, and they offer you anything other than topical solutions, you are placing yourself at risk because they are likely not licensed to provide such medications.

Plastic Surgeons’ Choice

Many of the finest plastic surgeons in the DFW Metroplex have chosen MPi Permanent Makeup Clinic as their preferred provider because these plastic surgeons recognize that MPi stands for professionalism, expertise, and quality. They also trust that MPi provides a safe, discreet environment within a medical setting. MPi Permanent Makeup Clinic is proud to be affiliated with so many of the finest physicians, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Experience, Quality, and Artistic Ability

Furthermore, you always get what you pay for! Many clients have come to MPi Permanent Makeup Clinic for corrective work after they received a procedure they were unhappy with at another facility. A permanent makeup procedure, bad or good, will remain with you for several years. Many people do not realize the importance of selecting an experienced artist for their permanent makeup procedure but remember, you don’t want to take chances with your face!

Choose the Best Permanent Makeup Clinic in Dallas – Fort Worth

MPi is not a discount or cut-rate permanent makeup provider. So for the safest, most experienced, highest-quality permanent makeup provider in Dallas/Fort Worth, choose us! We make your safety and satisfaction our highest priority. Finally, remember, cosmetic and plastic surgeons trust us with their patients.

In conclusion, when you decide to have a permanent makeup procedure done, don’t settle for anything but the very best – choose MPi Permanent Makeup Clinic!

choose MPi Permanent Makeup Clinic

Choose MPi Permanent Makeup Clinic

For more information, also see our frequently asked questions page: http://mpipermanentmakeup.com/mpi-dallas-fort-worth-permanent-makeup-frequently-asked-questions/