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Why should I get permanent makeup?

Time is precious and your appearance is important. Why waste hours each week fussing with makeup that looks good one day and not so good the next? Let the permanent makeup specialists at MPi show you how easy it is to “Wake Up With Your Makeup.” In about an hour, you can have beautifully-shaped eyebrows, smudge-free eyeliner, or fuller-looking lips with color that won’t wipe off.  You can choose a natural, youthful look or a bold, dramatic appearance.

Ladies choose permanent makeup for a variety of reasons:

  1. For busy professionals,  permanent makeup simplifies the morning rush and makes getting out the door almost effortless.   With permanent makeup, you look beautiful the moment you get out of bed.  And most importantly, you stay that way all day long.
  2. Women on the go with active lifestyles enjoy makeup that doesn’t run when they workout, play golf, or swim.
  3. Women who work in laboratories or sterile environments where makeup is prohibited will enjoy the look that permanent makeup provides.
  4. Women who have  sparse or thinning eyebrows due to thyroid problems, hormone imbalances, alopecia or chemotherapy.
  5. Women who enjoy looking great but don’t like the daily hassle of applying makeup.
  6. Ladies with vision limitations or trouble with fine motor coordination who have difficulty applying makeup.
  7. Imagine dancing the night away and never having to worry about your makeup!

Permanent Makeup is NOT ideal in all situations:

  1. Ladies who spend a lot of time sun bathing or in tanning beds are NOT good candidates for permanent makeup. The UVA rays can alter the pigment tones and cause color changes.
  2. Permanent lip color is NOT suggested for women with ethnic skin. The darker pigmentation of the lips prevents the tattooed pigment from showing up properly once it’s healed.
  3. Women who’s skin tends to easily hyper-pigment may NOT be good candidates for permanent makeup.
  4. Anyone with a history of cold sores or fever blisters will need to obtain a prescription for an anti-viral medication prior to having lip color applied.
  5. Anyone going through a major life event or traumatic situation is strongly encouraged to wait until the situation is resolved before having any permanent makeup applied.

As we age, our facial features begin to fade.  Lips lose their definition, eyebrows get thinner, and eyelashes lose their fullness.  Permanent makeup enhances these beautiful facial features.

Permanent Makeup is HOT!

More women than ever are deciding that having permanent makeup applied is the best way to save time and look great. An active lifestyle requires a lasting solution. With hectic schedules and too little time, why not eliminate the daily drudgery of applying and reapplying makeup? Permanent makeup can be applied to look natural or more dramatic, the choice is yours.

Beauty Truly Can Be Effortless with Permanent Makeup

Services include permanent eyebrows, microblading, eyeliner, lip color, and eyelash extensions. MPi Permanent Makeup Clinic has been perfecting the art of permanent makeup for almost 16 years and is highly regarded for its exclusive, natural-looking, FeatherStroke™ permanent eyebrows, microblade eyebrows, permanent eyeliner, permanent lip liner, and full lip color.

Beautiful Brows in an Hour

Getting FeatherStroke™ microblade eyebrows is the most popular procedure at MPi. The procedure takes about an hour, with much of that time spent choosing a color and drawing a pattern before any permanent mark is made.  Beautiful brows are just a call, text or click away!

The eyeliner procedure takes about an hour, and full lip color takes about an hour and a half.  A little time invested today can save you a lot of time EVERY day!


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Get ready to toss that brow pencil, say goodbye to smeared eyeliner, and wave farewell to thin, pale lips.

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Why Should I Choose MPi?

Since 2001, MPi Permanent Makeup Clinic has been a leading permanent makeup provider, originally in San Diego, and now in Dallas/Fort Worth. MPi has built an impeccable reputation on an uncompromising commitment to quality, safety, and satisfaction. All procedures are done in a professional, clinical atmosphere by Laura Rappoport, Registered Nurse.

Many local plastic surgeons and dermatologists refer their patients to MPi Permanent Makeup Clinic with confidence and trust. Happy clients have paid MPi the highest compliment by referring friends and family for their permanent makeup needs.


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Thank you so very much, your skills have made my daily life easier and make-up free. What a pleasant thing that is. Thank you so kindly. — M.C. Rancho Bernardo

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