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Thank you so very much, your skills have made my daily life easier and make-up free. What a pleasant thing that is. Thank you so kindly. — M.C. Rancho Bernardo





The Most Trusted Name in Permanent Makeup


Since 2001 MPi Permanent Makeup Clinic has been a leading permanent makeup provider, originally in San Diego and now pleased to offer services in Dallas/Fort Worth.  MPi has built an impeccable reputation on an uncompromising commitment to quality, safety and satisfaction.  All procedures are done in a professional, clinical atmosphere by Laura Rappoport, RN.

Time is precious and appearance is important. Why waste hours each week fussing with makeup that looks good one day and not so good the next. Let the permanent makeup specialists at MPi show how easy it is to “Wake Up With Your Makeup”.  In about an hour you can have beautifully shaped eyebrows, smudge-free eyeliner, or fuller looking lips with color that won’t wipe off.  You can choose a natural, youthful look or a bold, dramatic appearance.  FeatherStroke, microlade eyebrows is the most popular procedure at MPi.  The procedure takes about an hour, much of that time is spent choosing a color and drawing a pattern before any permanent mark is made.  Once the color and pattern are chosen, the procedure itself takes about 20-25 minutes.  The eyeliner procedure takes about an hour and full lip color takes about an hour and fifteen minutes.  A little time invested today can save you a lot of time everyday!


Beauty Truly Can Be Effortless.


Services include permanent eyebrows, microblading,  eyeliner, lip color and eyelash extensions.  MPi Permanent Makeup Clinic has been perfecting the art of permanent makeup for almost 16 years and is highly regarded for the exclusive, natural-looking FeatherStroke permanent eyebrows, microblade eyebrows,  permanent eyeliner, and permanent lip liner and full lip color.

Many of the local plastic surgeons and dermatologists refer their patients to MPi Permanent Makeup Clinic with confidence and trust. Happy clients have paid MPi the highest compliment by referring friends and family for their permanent makeup needs.


Permanent makeup is HOT!


More women than ever are deciding that having permanent makeup applied is the best way to save time and look great.  An active lifestyle requires a lasting solution.  With hectic schedules and too little time, why not eliminate the daily drudgery of applying and reapplying makeup?  Permanent makeup can be applied to look natural or more dramatic, the choice is yours.  Call or text today for a complimentary consultation and get ready to toss that brow pencil, say goodbye to smeared eyeliner, and farewell to thin, pale lips.

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